5 years of Kokaachi Posted on July 29 2019

One night, while we were having dinner, Pratheek suggested the name KOKAACHI for the storytelling house we were planning to launch. Kokaachi is the name of the character from the first story we ever heard as kids, the imaginary monster who would come and catch naughty kids who refused to eat their food.

We loved the name and shared it with our friends and family and all of them loved Kokaachi. Some of them said that this name was apt as it came from our roots. Some noticed the 'Kochi' in Kokaachi. And a few even said that Kokaachi has a Japanese ring to it (Oh! We love Japan for Miyazaki and Murakami and Muji! :))

But our biggest surprise was when we searched for Kokaachi online. Mother goddess Google who knows everything above and below the sun didn't know what a Kokaachi was! Whoa! That just opened immense possibilities for us to imagine, interpret and visualise this spooky character from our childhood.

And so, we launched Kokaachi with a campaign called "30 days of Kokaachi". We collaborated with 30+ amazing artists and illustrators whom we loved, asking them to draw the Kokaachi of their imagination.

30 days of Kokaachi 2014

But that was 5 years back. Back then, this name, the stories we wanted to tell and the journey we wanted to make was just an idea, a BIG dream in our small hearts.

This year, as we complete 5 years of Kokaachi, we have once again collaborated with 30+ new artists to make a whole bunch of new kokaachis.  

30 days of Kokaachi 2019

We are humbled by the love and affection you've shown us all these years. There have been moments of struggles, heart-breaks, self-doubt... we have even come to the verge of giving up this path of stories... but turned back each time.

We have come this far only because of ALL OF YOU.

Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you for collaborating with us.
Thank you for reading us.
Thank you for LOVING us.


Deepest love from our hearts,
Tina, Pratheek, Dash, Bolt, Sox & Surumi.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x