This is who we are

Our name, Kokaachi, is inspired by the monster that inhabited one of the first stories we heard as children.

We are a three-person publishing house-cum-storytelling studio with big dreams in our hearts. We are not afraid to make mistakes, to take risks, or to get our hands dirty - that's how we got to where we are today.

We aim to tell stories that stay long after the details fade out... and we're constantly exploring various media to bring out these stories - comics, picture books, matchbox stories, animation, movies...

Pssst…Though we love the glamour of movies, our first love will always be Comics... in print. We believe the most pleasurable smell in the whole wide world is the smell of a new book. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into every book we publish; into the stories they tell, the pictures that give them life, the print, the paper and the way it feels in your hands.

We are on the lookout for original stories, bold visions and creators with a unique voice (regardless of whether the voice is new, aspiring, emerging or established). If you share the same passion for stories and are miffed by old tales wearing new clothes, mythology rehashes and superhero copycats, write to us.

Here's to original stories!