The second volume of MATCHBOX COMIX collects six new crackling, quirky, fantastical tales in vintage-themed tiny boxes of awesomeness™™!

  • Miss Match Meta Match

    Priya Kuriyan

    In the land of matches, it seemed everyone had found a match... except for Miss Match.
    Miss Match Meta Match by Priya Kuriyan for Matchbox Comix 2



  • 10 Uses for Hoomans & Poopies!

    Alicia Souza

    Humans and Doggies... why do we love each other so much? Here's 10 reasons why!
    10 Uses for Hoomans & Poopies by Alicia Souza for Matchbox Comix 2



  • Vitamin D

    Upasana Mehndiratta

    A cautionary tale for those who don't meet their daily quota of sunlight.
    Vitamin D by Upasana Mehndiratta for Matchbox Comix 2



  • Malayalam 101

    Vinnie Ann Bose

    Do you have a Malayali friend? Family? Neighbours? Are you confounded by the tongue-twisting words that impossibly roll off their tongues? This is the answer to all your linguistic troubles!
    Malayalam 101 by Vinnie Ann Bose for Matchbox Comix 2



  • Unfortunately

    Jenith Kachappilly & Sandhya Prabhat

    Two estranged sisters meet for the first time on the stairs of destiny... and realise why they've been separated for all their lives.

    Unfortunately by Jenith Kachappilly & Sandhya Prabhat for Matchbox Comix 2



  • MMM & UUU

    Prabha Mallya

    A tale of friendship, longing and yearning... and a mighty divide that bars the way.
    MMM & UUU by Prabha Mallya for Matchbox Comix 2



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  • 6 colour accordion stories, each in a matchbox
    Printed on thick matte white paper
    All ages

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