Matchbox Comix by Kokaachi

MATCHBOX COMIX are quick comic bites and they come inside matchboxes! Humorous, weird & whimsical, these tiny boxes of awesomeness™™ are guaranteed to spark smiles.

  • Flight of the Dandelion

    Manoj A. Menon

    In this charming little tale, Manoj (who created this story for his son, Achu) tells the fantastic story of a dandelion’s flight across lands filled with sights both wondrous and mystical.

    Flight of the Dandelion

  • Picked

    Mathew Jacob

    It’s a big day for Picked’s dashing hero - he’s off to meet his lady love and play her a tune that will make her swoon. But, little does he know, even the best laid plans can go asunder by the tiniest of mishaps.


  • This is Going to Kill Me

    Kishore Mohan, Roshan K. & Merryn John

    A young boy with a vivid imagination grows up to become a young man with an even wilder imagination. Was his mind playing tricks all along, or is it us who simply refuse to believe?

    This is Going to Kill Me

  • Of Love and Concrete

    C.G. Salamander & Sandhya Prabhat

    This most beloved tale is of a cement boy who meets the love of his life. Everyone who read this tale has fallen in love with it and so will you. Promise!

    Love & Concrete

  • The End of the World

    Tina Thomas & Vishnu M Nair

    The world comes to an unexpected end, in this tiny awesome tale. No one knows why - not papa, not the prime minister, not the people on the street.

    The End of the World

  • There's No Such Thing Called a Kokaachi

    Pratheek Thomas, Sahitya Rani & Prabha Mallya

    Is there something called a Kokaachi? A little girl (sometimes, a little boy), goes in search for the elusive monster... What will she (he) find?

    There's No Such Thing Called a Kokaachi

INR 900.00

  • 6 colour accordion stories, each in a matchbox
    Printed on thick matte white paper
    All ages

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