Perfect Sundays September 24 2019


Last Sunday was perfect - lazy, laid back and a lot of reading. It was just perfect.

"There is something about Sundays. It's a different feel..." Pratheek said.
We were having breakfast. "It's in our heads, I think", I replied.

Post-lunch, we had planned to go to Cherai beach, which is about 20 kilometers away from our place. Going there on Sundays used to be our sacred tradition, until the rains claimed the beach. 
It'd been a few months since our last visit to the sea and we had been waiting to go.
And both of us love the waters more than any other landscape - we're Pisceans, after all!! :)

We reached Chilli Out - a cafe that looks over the beach (run by the wonderful Eddy and his team of chechis) - around 4:30 pm and the first thought we had was: " Why didn't we come here all these months?"

The sea was calm, the sound of the waves was music to our ears and the horizon looked ethereal.
We go to the beach to enjoy these sights. We never step into the water, swim or bathe.
We just sit on the shore and enjoy the beauty of slowness and stillness.

Jackie, the cafe's resident dog came to us and we said "Hello" to each other.
A crow came and sat on the pole outside the cafe.
A hawk (kite?) swooped down to the sea from high in the sky and caught a small fish in it's claws.
How did it see that tiny fish from such a great height, we marvelled!
But we could only wonder - who, but nature knows the answers to these puzzles?

And then, more kites (hawks?) started coming in from all directions. They circled above us... high in the sky. Pratheek counted 38 of them, all flying together, circling and swerving, afloat on unseen air currents. We looked up at this splendid sight, stunned, speechless.

As the hawks slowly flew away and the sky became clear, the sun started to go down.
Jackie came and sat near us, at his favourite spot and together we watched the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen.

A perfect orange globe suspended between a layer of golden clouds and horizon, like a painting, yet real. It dipped slowly, slowly into the water.

We couldn't blink, we sat there enthralled, enchanted.

As we drove back home, we mused over the way we confine ourselves indoors and keep staring at our glowing screens (like I do now), while nature creates such magic every moment!
How stupid we humans can be!

That night, Pratheek didn't wish me 'Good night'  before going to sleep.
Instead he said " Do remind us to go to Cherai every Sunday from now on".
I smiled. Those words were more beautiful than wishing me a good night, I thought to myself.
Those words wished us perfect Sundays from now on... and forever.

Thank you, dear Universe.
Thank you for this perfect Sunday.

~ Tina